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#18 – Are We Legal Yet?

It’s time to put away childish things (except for sexual innuendos) because at Episode 18, Good Hang is officially no longer a child! 

A great article that Jon read this week got the guys talking about body perception issues and wether we focus too much (or too little?) on how we look on the outside with a particularly deep and introspective edition of What Chu Been Up To?

In We Read Yo’ Shit, friend of the show Jake Lasagna is back to ask about the mentors and role models that shaped Jon and Nathan into the fine upstanding gentleman who talk about farts and sex jokes for a living. 

Jon has a designed a game full of interesting and important historical facts (according to him, anyway) as he hopes to keep Nathan from claiming the Good Hang Trophy for the first time in Game Time!

In the news this week: “Aids Drugs Are Too Cheap” Says One Rich Asshole! Wall Posts From Hell!! Free at Last, Free at Last, the Happy Birthday Song is Free at Last!!!

Favorite Thing this week is Tool Tunes, a.k.a. songs that make people question your taste and/or sanity. 

So cuddle up with an R rated movie and an alcoholic beverage if you are ANYWHERE but America, and listen to Episode 18 of Good Hang!!!

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#17 – Suck My Clock

Hold onto your butts, it’s episode 17 of Good Hang!!

Jon has been watching and learning about a bunch of super smart, super dead white dudes. Meanwhile, Nathan’s been putting words in his own mouth and making out with himself. What the hell does all this mean? Find out in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?

They also do a short review of the film Sicario [seriously, just go watch it]

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys discuss an article sent in by a listener about being addicted to podcasts…and how that’s a good thing. Then they get to talking about the worst and weirdest food they’ve ever had. 

Nathan continues his quest for the golden trophy with this week’s GAME TIME! Can he finally get the better of Jon with a round of Bigger or Smaller™!?! 

In the news this week: A Clock is a Clock and Sarah Palin is the Queen of England! A Preteen Gets Expelled for Bringing in a Leaf that Vaguely, Kinda, Sorta, If-you-squint-a-bit-and-tilt-your-head Looks like a Marijuana Leaf!! More Proof That Nathan is Wrong About Game of Thrones!!! [longest headlines ever]

Favorite thing this week: Sandwiches! Num num num num num

So get out of the haze and get into this podcast. It’s time for Good Hang Episode 17!!!


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#16 – The Doctors Are In

It is now ok to admit that this podcast turns you on, because Good Hang is 16!! It’s legal!!!

Jon and Nathan got together for some good hearted, old time-y fun this week. They went bowling and then they checked out the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention! They talk about all about it, especially about how Nathan sucks at bowling, in this week’s What Chu Been Up To

Then it’s time for a jam packed We Read Yo’ Shit this this week. Good Hang Gang member San, has the guys take the Meyers Briggs Personality test. The results will shock you! [not really] Then the guys try to help out a listener with some tough questions that we all have to face in this crazy thing called Life. Thinkin’ of you Brenda Funbagz.  <3

In Game Time, Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Horse, Obscure Superhero, or Just Made Up! Can Jon continue his winning streak, or is it finally Nathan’s time to shine? Tune in to find out!!

In the news this week: Three-time Divorcee/Adulterer Defends the Sanctity of Marriage! Black Athlete Gets Tackled…by the Police!! Apple Steals Millions of Dollars…by Making Stuff that People Can’t NOT Buy!!!

In honour of the STGCC, the Favorite Thing this week is favorite acronym!!! …not really, it’s favorite superhero. 

All that and more so grab a giant beanbag, chill, and listen to Good Hang Episode Sixteen!!!


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#15 – Dee Kosh

We’ve got our second guest! Youtuber! Ranter! Host! DJ! Chocolate Thunder! It’s the one and only Dee Kosh. 

We get into it with Dee, though because it’s us, there isn’t really any straightforward interview here. 

The show opens with embarrassing poop stories, and pretty much goes downhill (as in, exhilaratingly fun) from there. 

We get into GAME TIME with Dee Kosh against Nathan for a movie title themed game. Nathan made bad decisions.

In the news this week: don’t be a dick to MMA fighters. Don’t pay a stranger for sex at 87 years old. And fire tornados?!

We get into a second round of GAME TIME with “What Can’t Dee Complain About”. 

This week’s Favorite Thing: Bad Movies.

Come hang. 











#14 – Yes We Kanye!

So long sweet tween innocence, Good Hang is now undoubtedly a loud, resentful teenager with Good Hang episode 14!!!

As usual, the guys Read Yo’ Shit first. This time they’ve got two iTunes reviews, one short & sweet, the other less short but extra, super sweet. JL from last weeks segment is back asking for more advice and the guys are more than happy to oblige. 

Jon and Nathan review the new Pixar film Inside Out. Does the animation giant have a new masterpiece on their hands or have they actually come out with their first bad movie??? [probably the former]

Nathan challenges Jon to a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game based on the cast of Inside Out. Can Jon hold on to the Good Hang trophy for a third week, or has Nathan finally bested him? Find out in this week’s GAME TIME!!

in news this week: Burger King – “Can’t we all get along”, McDonalds – “Fuck you”! Americans continue to shoot each other!! First Lady Kim Kardashian??!!!

Nathan’s been performing some live music in Jakarta, while Jon’s been watching some live music in Singapore in an extra musical version of What Chu Been Up To?

The musical love continues in Favorite Thing this week, as the guys discuss their favorite concert going experience.

So if you’ve got a free fortnight coming up you’ve now got just enough episodes of Good Hang to keep you company. Here comes Good Hang Episode Fourteen!!! […no one says ‘fortnight’]