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#81 – Kimberly Wang

Good hang is bringing some Good Wang!!

DJ, host, actress, and photographer Kimberly Wang is in with the studio Good Hang guys! They talk about how she got started in the business, the state of the world, and how she met Jon and Nathan.

In  a special DOUBLE GAME TIME!! Kim first takes on Nathan in a round of Alternative Titles: Love Song Edition!! Then the three play a round of Modified Newly Wed Game Thing!!!

So strap in and listen to this super fun episode what that was totally messed up by Nicky (BAD DOG!!!)

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#80 – Baby Seal is the Best Seal

***NOTE this episode was recorded a couple weeks ago, before Trump’s Muslim Ban – thank you for your patience as we get over our technical issues***

Good Hang is well into its golden years with Episode Eighty!

Jon’s been unable to put down a book, while Nathan’s been getting a new guitar and old clothes. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

It’s all about internships and interstellar ship travel in a fun segment of We Read Yo’ Shit!

In the News this week: US Govt Demands More From Ice Cream of the Future! Trump Destroys Environment while China Tries to Save It!! Soulja Boy and Chris Brown About to Throw Down!!! Wendy’s Twitter Bringing the Frosty Heat!!!! Zoos Fighting Over Cuteness – Everyone Wins!!!!!

So stop trying to get with Paige Turner and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Eighty!!!


– Send Spicer Dots

– Keystone Pipeline

– China’s push for renewable energy

– Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown

– Best of Wendy’s Twitter

– Super cute animals

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