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#105 – Haze and Confused

Episode 105 is here and it is sick! …literally.

The Good Hang guys are barely hanging in there with fatigue and hazed-based illnesses, but they push through for you dear listener!

In this freewheeling and fancy free episode, topics include: the haze, Caught, phones, fuckbois, STDs, the incest line, and internet scams. 

All that and more so put on your n95 mask, take a deep breath, and have a listen to Good Hang Episode One Hundred-Five!!

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#104 – Off the Rails and Into Your Hearts

Hey, hey, hey, it’s episode 104!

Plans get made, sometimes they don’t get followed. Such is life.

In this week’s episode of Good Hang, Jon and Nathan forgo their pre-planned segments and have a freeform conversation with many, many tangents. Topics include: SRT’s Caught, brunch time, an amazing Vietnamese restaurant with lovely service, Nathan’s new favorite bakery, what to order at McDonalds, Jacob Collier, and wall climbing. It’s mostly about food, to be honest.

They then read a lovely podcast review. Thanks Freya, hope the move went ok!!

All that and more, so get some grab a banana, some pesto, and a barf bag, and have a listen to Good Hang Episode One Hundred-Four!!!


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#103 – Once Upon a Time…in a Hot Van

Please sir, can I have some more Good Hang? Yes you can!!

Jon’s been upping his cultural appropriation fashion game, while Nathan’s been gearing up for some new music to drop by getting a facial. Learn all about that and what the guys thought of Quentin Terentino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys read a lovely message from Tee about mental wellness not feeling alone. Much love to you, Tee!

In the News: Hawkeye attacked by trolls! Chicken Sandwich Internet Wars!!

Finally, in GAMETIME!, Nathan challenges Jon to a trivia game all about the biggest internet giant of them all: Netflix

All that and more, so find a nice quiet room with a nice comfortable temperature, plug in your headphones, and enjoy Good Hang Episode One Hundred-three!!


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