Monthly Archives: July 2017

#90 – Scammers and Imposters

A good donut is filled with jam, but a great donut is filled with awesome. 😉

Nathan’s time in the theatre has taught him to appreciate stillness and music, while Jon’s time on YouTube has taught him everything. Also: Pink Dot! Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

Love is in the air in We Read Yo’ Shit this week as the guys dole out their trademark expert advice to two listeners in in need of help with their romantic endeavours.

In the News this week: This is Not The Actor You Are Looking For! The Scammers Get Scammed!! Get Your Goop Off Me, Gwyneth!!!

The countdown to #100 starts here, so get out of your head space and into the Hang space, with Episode Ninety!!!


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