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#31 – So Long 2015!

Two hours and twelve minutes? …”So Long” is exactly right.

Nathan’s been wake-boarding in Bali with his family. Jon’s been crying into his eggnog and watching christmas movies by himself. Find out all about it What Chu Been Up To?!

In We Read Yo’ Shit this week, the shrink couch is back out as the guys give some advice to a listener named TIMMEH, who asks them for some advice on how is it they talk words so good. 

With the the first day of 2016 just around the corner, Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Famous Firsts. It’s a very edu-tainingversion of GAME TIME!

In the news this week: Singapore Finally Address its Main Problem – Not Enough Theme Parks! Coloring Books: They’re Not Just for Pre-Millenial Kids Anymore!! You Really Can Get Away With Murder if You Have Enough Money!!!

In a jam packed, year end edition of Favorite Thing, the guys look back at their favorite books, albums, podcasts, tv shows, films from 2015!

It’s Episode 31 and it’s tons of fun! Get into it!!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Good Hang Gang!!

The guys come together for a mini-episode celebrating the birth of our lord and saviour…Santa.

Nathan talks about the dinner he prepared for his family. They both talk about the virtues of turkey. Jon talks about the perfect present for Mr and Mrs Hartono.

#30 – The Force Awakens (Amongst Other Things)

A couple days ago, in a studio far, far away (if you’re walking there)…


It’s the moment Jon has waited for his whole life, and the moment that Nathan has kinda, sorta looked forward to for about a month=ish…Star Wars: The Force Awakens is upon us!! The Dorky Duo spend a whole lot of time talking about it in What Chu Been Up To.

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys read a message from a listener thanking them for their support of the LGBT community. They also offer their support directly to that listener as he continues the difficult process of coming out to his family and friends. Be strong, Dick Amore!!

It’s a Christmas edition of GAME TIME as Nathan leads Jon on an international Journey of Holiday trivia, as he challenges him to a round of Weird Christmas Facts!

In the news this week: It’s an Internet Christmas Miracle! Hermione From the Hood!! Miss Universe 2015 Has One Hell of a Viral Marketing Campaign!!!

#GoodHangFavThing this week is favorite bad Christmas song!! 

So take a break from rewatching Force Awakens [we’re lookin’ at you, Jon], and have a listen to the Big 3-0. It’s Good Hang Episode 30!!!






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#29 – Some Chump Named Trump

A new Star Wars movie AND a new episode of Good Hang?! Episode Twenty-Nine of Good Hang is a Christmas Miracle!!

Jon went and watched an amazing musical that sneakily subverted [count how many times they say that word] the entire national history of Singapore, while Nathan’s been watching a couple new TV shows. Find out all about it on this week’s What Chu Been Up To.

The hunt for Nathan’s personal assistant is heating up!! Find out all about the applicants in We Read Yo’ Shit!

This week’s GAME TIME brings together three of the worlds greatest, most misunderstood minds. Play along, as Jon Challenges Nathan to a round of Who Said It: Hitler, Trump, or Jon?

In the news this week: Donald Trump Continues to provide Comedy Gold! Saudi Arabia Says “Yes” to Lady Voters!! Amos Yee Craves a Jihad Against Him!!! US Soliders Get a First Chance at a Second Penis!!!!

Favorite Thing this week is favorite reality show! …for real!!

So get ahold of your fellow nerds, grab your lightsabers, and go and watch The Force Awakens already! …and on your way to the theatre, have a listen to Good Hang Episode Twenty-Nine!!!









#28 – Cloned Cows Still Moo

Great Scott! It’s Good Hang Episode Twenty-eight!

Nathan’s been repeatedly getting punched in the face and Jon’s been repeatedly stuffing pizza in his face. They also got a chance to meet a couple members of the Good Hang Gang during Nathan’s recent gig at Scape Invasion. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To! 

Now that Nathan’s gotten a chance to watch it, the Good Hang Duo give a short review on the film Black Rocky…err…Creed

In GAME TIME this week, the guys take a break from going up against each other and instead come together to play a round of the Tangent Game. 

In the news this week: Black Student Actors Matter! ISIS Continues to Be a Dick!! China Cloned Cows Cause Concern!!!

Favorite Thing this this week is Favorite Boxer (not briefs)

So put on your head gear, tape up your hands, and get into the ring with Episode Twenty-eight of Good Hang!!!!








#27 – Unite Us Adam Lambert!

In sickness or in health, Good Hang is always there…and Episode Twenty-seven is DEFINITELY proof of that.

The guys jump right into We Read Yo Shit as Jon recounts the sweetest, most amazing birthday gift he’s ever gotten. Then listener, Amelia gives her two (very valuable) cents on the social media and Paris issue from Episode Twenty-five. Thanks Amelia!

Jon’s been sick as a dog, and that means lots of time for Fallout Four and watching Creed, while Nathan’s been reacquainting himself with Final Cut and therefore not sleeping. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To.

Get your gobble gobble on, as Jon challenges Nathan to a game of Trivia: Thanksgiving Edition in this week’s GAME TIME!

In the News this week: Singapore Fights Over an American Idol Runner-up! The National Gallery Singapore Crushes the Dreams of Young Artists – Better Get Used to it, Kids!!, Brazil’s Craking Down on Cyber Assholes!!!

Favorite Thing this week is Favorite Thanksgiving Side dish, i.e. the best thing about Thanksgiving (Fuck off, turkey and gratitude)

So what are you most thankful for? Lie to your friends, and tell them it’s Episode 27 of Good Hang!!

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