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#5 – Acceptance is Never Out of Style

Gays can get married AND there a new episode of Good Hang?!? What a time to be alive. High five for Episode Five of Good Hang!

The guys read some really nice fan responses. And, though no one asked for it, they play the accent game again!! 

Nathan’s been extra, super busy this week filming and singing at people’s weddings. Jon’s been getting his Namaste on doing some yoga, and getting his ‘yes and’ on with some improv.

In the news this week: Rainbows are taking over Facebook! Spider-man swings himself back to where he belongs!! JK Rowling makes Potter fans the world over weep with her latest announcement!!!

Jon and Nathan go loco for queso as they talk about their Favorite Cheese. 

Nathan’s got some splainin’ to do in this week’s Dude Check This Out. 

All that and more in Episode Five of Good Hang!!


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#4 – Every Elevator Explodes

It’s long, it’s meaty, and it’s tons of fun – no, not that! Get your mind out of the gutter. …it’s episode four of Good Hang!

New segment!!! We respond to fan reviews, questions, comments, and requests. Kaye exposes Jon and Nathan as the accent experts that they truly are. Gelo asks them to weigh in on the great Tay Tay vs Madonna debate of 2015 (Spoiler alert, Lady Gaga wins)

Nathan has been getting fake-beaten up in a very real way. Jon has been rediscovering the joy of visiting 

In the news this week: Will Donald Trump become the president with the worst hair ever? Will the Confederate flag always fly over South Carolina?? Will China accept 3D printed rhino horns???

Then the guys talk a bunch about E3. Conclusion: They’re both huge nerds. 

In Favorite Thing, Jon and Nathan’s discuss their favorite podcasts, which you should check out after (and ONLY after) you listen to Good Hang.

In Check This Shit Out, the guys go full on ANIME! Kawaii-desu! (but not). For next week, Nathan tells Jon to go chug some oil and Jon tells Nathan to check out some singing and dancing blondes. Not sure who has it worse.

All that and more, so go forth and listen to the fourth episode of Good Hang!!


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#3 – Christopher Lee’s and LGBTs

Hey there Good Hang Gang! Gangbangers..? Hangarangutans?! (We figure this out at some point, we think). It’s episode three of Good Hang!! And boy its a weird one. It’s a weird one. 

Jon and Nathan have been busy launching and promoting the podcast. They’ve received some listener feedback and questions from episodes one and two which they respond to in What ‘Chu Been Up To? They also give a (mostly)spoiler-free review of Jurassic World! #Prattastic!

In the news this week: Sir Christopher Lee was a badass! People ain’t aight with aurats!! And some discussion about the recent Pink Dot Festival!!!

It’s all out anime this week, as Jon tells Nathan to check out the hyper-violent, hyper-erotic, hyper-anime, Ninja Scroll and Nathan tells Jon to check out the runaway hit, Attack on Titan

All that and more on Good Hang episode three!

P.S. Did you know that Sir Christopher Lee and Ian Flemming, the creator of James Bond, were cousins?

P.P.S WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE! Get connected with us through the page, talk to us, give us suggestions, or just share the podcast with a friendly face(book). 


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#2 – Don’t Call Her Bruce

They said they couldn’t do it again, but they did! It’s Good Hang episode 2!

Jon has launched his new blog, and has lost his voice in the process while Nathan spends some time in a dark, warm, wet box. (spoiler alert – he doesn’t pee in it)

In the news this week: devices powered by wifi signals! Ping pong art thievery! A lady that used to be a dude! (FYI, Call her Caitlyn)

Nathan and Jon relive their awkward 8th grade school dances as they discuss their favorite 90’s s-s-s-s-slow jamz.

Jon tells Nathan to check out a novel about Matt Damon stuck on the planet Mars (The Martian by Andy Weir). Nathan tells Jon to play a PS4 game so frustrating, he nearly broke his screen (Bloodborne).

All that and more on Good Hang #2.

#1 – Let’s Do This

It’s the premiere episode of Good Hang!

Nathan’s been having trouble driving stick on the set of his new tv show and Jon’s trying to get into a shape other than ’round’.

What’s the deal with FIFA and why is Emma Stone playing a girl named Allison Ng?

Nathan and Jon talk about their favorite soups. Exhilarating stuff. 

Jon tells Nathan to check out the rebirth of an iconic superhero (Green Lantern Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver). Nathan tells Jon to check out a polite bear with a red hat and raincoat (Paddington).