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#13 – Back in the +65

The boys are back in town just in time for Episode 13 of Good Hang!

More iTunes have been rolling in, and this makes Jon and Nathan very happy. JL asks for some advice on how to deal with the army as well as those dirty women stealing his job. The guys took to Twitter to ask the Good Hang Gang about any OCD habits they have on a packed segment of We Read Yo’ Shit. 

Jon’s America adventure continues in What ‘Chu Been Up To as he discusses his trip to the Alaska, the Last Frontier. Nathan’s been offered a gig that will cause him to shit himself everyday for the next eleven months…it’s gonna get messy. 

In the news this week: One Direction – Lots of Tears! Foo Fighters Take on the Scum of Humanity!! Sometimes Viral Campaigns Are Good!!!

It’s Game Time, as Jon challenges Nathan to a round of the classic game: 1337 gamer handle, Singapore Turf Club Horse, or Just Made Up?!.

It’s time for some upvotes as the guys discuss their Favorite Thing. This week: favorite subreddit!

So unless you’re doing something life changing like checking out the Northern Lights, going whale watching, or performing infront front of thousands of people, you have no excuse to miss out on the thirteenth episode of Good Hang!!!!


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#12 – New York, New York. Taipei, Taipei.


It’s an extra special episode this week as Jon and Nathan record remotely from Queens and Taipei, respectively. 

First off, as usual, the guys Read Yo’ Shit. An original member of the Good Hang Gang has finally gotten her iTunes review posted. In it she gushes about the podcast, specifically the recent episode with Benji Kheng-i. Alyshea wants to know where and how to tickle the guys [bring it on]. Also, there is now a Fan Art section on the website to show off some of the amazing things that YOU, the listeners, have sent in. Check it out

Jon and Nathan welcome in a pair of special surprise guests to help them review the fantastically terrible new version of Fantastic Four

What Chu Been Up To is crazy long this week as Nathan talks about his business dealings in Taiwan [don’t worry, he’s not moving there], and Jon talks about his long, super delayed journey to New York as well as the shows he’s watching, the classes he’s taken, and the food he’s eating. 

It’s back to food once again on Favorite Thing as the boys talk about their favorite Hamburgers. 

The rest of the usual segments will come back next week, but for now, enjoy this slightly shorter, but extra amazing twelfth episode of Good Hang!!!!


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#11 – Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng (musician! actor! poet! dreamboat!) comes down to hang with the guys, in their first guest episode!

They talk about Ben’s background as a sportsman, his traumatic past with fish, the Singapore music industry, religion, the social media generation, and much more. 

It’s a meaty (fishy) one guys, come hang. 


#10 – Jon Fights, Nathan’s Drunk

If this episode feels heavier than usual, it’s because it’s a milestone. That’s right, it is the TENTH Episode of Good Hang!!!

As usual, the guys Read Yo’ Shit, including an iTunes review from another satisfied Good Hang customer…note: no offensive/stereotypical accents were used (note: that is a lie). Then they read out some tweets from their new Twitter account. 

Jon’s been fighting middle-aged women in grocery stores and Nathan’s been contemplating his mortality while drinking more than he’s had in years. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?

In the news this week: Dentists Be Killing Lions! Asians Be Killing Their Parents!! Man Be Killing Robots!!!

NEW SEGMENT ALERT!! Nathan challanges Jon in a game he created called the “synopsis” game.  Nathan reads the synopsis of a movie and Jon has to guess the title before he finishes it. Here’s a synopsis of how that game went: Jon crushes it.  

Just so you don’t think they’re too masculine, the guys reveal what their favorite Disney movie is in this week’s Favorite Thing.

In Check this Shit Out, Jon and Nathan talk about how much they enjoyed Persepolis (one they decide on how to pronounce it). Next week it’s a graphic novel about how a group of kids deal with some kind of super STD.

All that and more, so get ready to hang ten with Good Hang Episode Ten!!


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Book Club #1 – Ready Player One

It’s the first edition of the Good Hang Book Club! This month it’s Ready Player One, the novel set in near future where the world has gone shit, the internet is WAAAAAAAY more awesome, and everything is the 80’s

Jon and Nathan talk at length about what they thought about the book, the themes, and whether or not such a future could happen. They also discuss the upcoming film adaptation to be directed by Steven Spielberg.

It’s the Book Hang Book Club which means it’s way more high brow and shit. So check it out!