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#58 – Dwayne Tan

Dwayne Tan: actor, YouTuber, Disney fanatic, human is the latest amazing guest!

He and the Good Hang guys talk in depth about his career, his love for Disney, and his recent YouTube video about crowd culture in Shanghai Disneyland going viral with over a million views*. 

It’s all Disney all the time in GAME TIME, as Jon challenges Dwayne and Nathan to a round of Rotten Tomatoes Game: Disney Edition! 

In the News this week: Teenage Boys Are Man Enought to Wear Skirts! Kickass Torrents is Brought down by the Man!!

All that and more so be our guest, experience a whole new world with Good Hang Episode Fifty-Eight

Be sure to check out Dwayne’s youtube channels: Dwayne’s Spin Stop and Disney Dwayne. Follow him on Twitter: @DwayneTan and @DisneyDwayne

*including the stolen ones!

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#57 – The Truth Behind China!!! Clickbait!!!

Yes, the truth at last will finally be revealed! 

Jon’s been watching a series on Netflix that came out of nowhere, while became the biggest thing to come out of China since the dumpling. Find out all about it in What Chu Been Up To?!

We Read Yo’ Shit sees the guys responding to a request for the return of the Good Hang Book Club and the opening of a very, very messy present. 

Nathan challenges Jon to a round of Which is the Bigger Number in this week’s GAME TIME! It’s edutainment at it’s finest, people. 

In the News this week: Turkey is in Hot Water! Man Gives Away Money for Fun!! Man Demands Racists to Give Him Money – and They Do!!! Man Gives Away Ice Cream to Inner City Nerds!!!! Pokemon Go Causes Big Ruckus in the Big Apple!!!!!

All that and more, so set your Google Translate to Manderin and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Fifty-Seven!!





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#56 – Pokemon Go Eff Yourself

The boys are back and boy have they missed you!

Nathan’s been putting up the concert of his life, while Jon’s been thinking about a sad fact of life – find out all about it on What Chu Been Up To?

The guys then read out some messages that pretty much some up why they do the podcast in the firstmplace in a heart warming We Read Yo’ Shit.

Next, in honor of the New Tricks concert, GAME TIME sees Jon test Nathan’s knowledge on famous concerts in a round of Trivia Game: Concert Edition!

In the News this week: Pokemon Goes Nuts! Man Has No Pokemon, Then No Job!! Donald Trump Claims Climate Change is a Chinese Lie!!! Chinese Businessman Wants His Megan Fox!!!!

All that and more, so while you wait patiently for Nathan to drop New Tricks, have a listen to Good Hang Episode Fifty-Six!!!








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