#58 – Dwayne Tan

Dwayne Tan: actor, YouTuber, Disney fanatic, human is the latest amazing guest!

He and the Good Hang guys talk in depth about his career, his love for Disney, and his recent YouTube video about crowd culture in Shanghai Disneyland going viral with over a million views*. 

It’s all Disney all the time in GAME TIME, as Jon challenges Dwayne and Nathan to a round of Rotten Tomatoes Game: Disney Edition! 

In the News this week: Teenage Boys Are Man Enought to Wear Skirts! Kickass Torrents is Brought down by the Man!!

All that and more so be our guest, experience a whole new world with Good Hang Episode Fifty-Eight

Be sure to check out Dwayne’s youtube channels: Dwayne’s Spin Stop and Disney Dwayne. Follow him on Twitter: @DwayneTan and @DisneyDwayne

*including the stolen ones!

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