#2 – Don’t Call Her Bruce

They said they couldn’t do it again, but they did! It’s Good Hang episode 2!

Jon has launched his new blog, jonshootsstuff.com and has lost his voice in the process while Nathan spends some time in a dark, warm, wet box. (spoiler alert – he doesn’t pee in it)

In the news this week: devices powered by wifi signals! Ping pong art thievery! A lady that used to be a dude! (FYI, Call her Caitlyn)

Nathan and Jon relive their awkward 8th grade school dances as they discuss their favorite 90’s s-s-s-s-slow jamz.

Jon tells Nathan to check out a novel about Matt Damon stuck on the planet Mars (The Martian by Andy Weir). Nathan tells Jon to play a PS4 game so frustrating, he nearly broke his screen (Bloodborne).

All that and more on Good Hang #2.

One thought on “#2 – Don’t Call Her Bruce

  1. I fractured my toe and was trying to sleep so I gave this podcast a whirl. When the Michael Jackson reference came up I felt so tickled. Hanging above my head on a piece of string was my Michael Jackson cover I ripped from a magazine. Life is so strange, weird and wonderful.

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