#29 – Some Chump Named Trump

A new Star Wars movie AND a new episode of Good Hang?! Episode Twenty-Nine of Good Hang is a Christmas Miracle!!

Jon went and watched an amazing musical that sneakily subverted [count how many times they say that word] the entire national history of Singapore, while Nathan’s been watching a couple new TV shows. Find out all about it on this week’s What Chu Been Up To.

The hunt for Nathan’s personal assistant is heating up!! Find out all about the applicants in We Read Yo’ Shit!

This week’s GAME TIME brings together three of the worlds greatest, most misunderstood minds. Play along, as Jon Challenges Nathan to a round of Who Said It: Hitler, Trump, or Jon?

In the news this week: Donald Trump Continues to provide Comedy Gold! Saudi Arabia Says “Yes” to Lady Voters!! Amos Yee Craves a Jihad Against Him!!! US Soliders Get a First Chance at a Second Penis!!!!

Favorite Thing this week is favorite reality show! …for real!!

So get ahold of your fellow nerds, grab your lightsabers, and go and watch The Force Awakens already! …and on your way to the theatre, have a listen to Good Hang Episode Twenty-Nine!!!