#28 – Cloned Cows Still Moo

Great Scott! It’s Good Hang Episode Twenty-eight!

Nathan’s been repeatedly getting punched in the face and Jon’s been repeatedly stuffing pizza in his face. They also got a chance to meet a couple members of the Good Hang Gang during Nathan’s recent gig at Scape Invasion. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To! 

Now that Nathan’s gotten a chance to watch it, the Good Hang Duo give a short review on the film Black Rocky…err…Creed

In GAME TIME this week, the guys take a break from going up against each other and instead come together to play a round of the Tangent Game. 

In the news this week: Black Student Actors Matter! ISIS Continues to Be a Dick!! China Cloned Cows Cause Concern!!!

Favorite Thing this this week is Favorite Boxer (not briefs)

So put on your head gear, tape up your hands, and get into the ring with Episode Twenty-eight of Good Hang!!!!