#18 – Are We Legal Yet?

It’s time to put away childish things (except for sexual innuendos) because at Episode 18, Good Hang is officially no longer a child! 

A great article that Jon read this week got the guys talking about body perception issues and wether we focus too much (or too little?) on how we look on the outside with a particularly deep and introspective edition of What Chu Been Up To?

In We Read Yo’ Shit, friend of the show Jake Lasagna is back to ask about the mentors and role models that shaped Jon and Nathan into the fine upstanding gentleman who talk about farts and sex jokes for a living. 

Jon has a designed a game full of interesting and important historical facts (according to him, anyway) as he hopes to keep Nathan from claiming the Good Hang Trophy for the first time in Game Time!

In the news this week: “Aids Drugs Are Too Cheap” Says One Rich Asshole! Wall Posts From Hell!! Free at Last, Free at Last, the Happy Birthday Song is Free at Last!!!

Favorite Thing this week is Tool Tunes, a.k.a. songs that make people question your taste and/or sanity. 

So cuddle up with an R rated movie and an alcoholic beverage if you are ANYWHERE but America, and listen to Episode 18 of Good Hang!!!

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