#19 – Pursuing the Arts (and Other Fart Jokes)

Livin’ the dream it’s time for Episode 19!!

Apple newest updates has turned Jon’s entire (First) world upside down – and not for the better. Meanwhile, Nathan’s been preparing a talk for a bunch of young, aspiring Nathans. Learn all about that in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys discuss what the Good Hang Gang has deemed their tool tunes, before reading a wonderful message from a new listener. A young lady named Miguel then ask the guys for some advice on going to school to study art, a.k.a. throwing your life away [we kid, we kid]

Then tune in for the most intense GAME TIME of all time, as Nathan takes off the kid gloves in his bid to finally take Jon’s trophy. It’s the return of the Rotten Tomatoes Game!!

In the news this week: A Shooting in America and Sepp Blatter is acting like a tool! [this is SO twelve episodes ago] Manbuns Lead to Both a Loss in Hair AND Dignity!! Teen Goes to Jail for Taking a Snap of his Junk!!! NASA Wants the Best, the Brightest, and the Laziest!!!!

Favorite Thing this week is favorite word!!! Don’t forget tweet at us with #GoodHangFavThing

Jon says Episode 19 might just be his favorite episode yet, and just like Shakira’s hips, he don’t lie! …except for when he obiously is. 


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