#20 – Boobs, Fun, and Cocaine Puns

Holy moly, Good Hang made it to Episode 20?? They, sure did, so suck a dick, doubters! [how unnecessary] 

Nathan’s been recovering from illness and spending time with his mom in the hospital as she recovers from a minor surgery. They’re both totally fine, but it’s got Nathan thinking about life, mortality, and death, and what not. Jon’s activated his binge tv mode as he watches Netflix’s Narcos – a show as addicting as main character Pablo Escobar’s fine white powder. Find out all about that in this week’s What Chu’ Been Up To?

As usual in We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys read out the Good Hang Gang’s fav things from last week. Then they read a review from America warning about the cocaine-like addictive nature of Good Hang. Saving the best for last, they play a beautiful song written for them by the amazing and talented Kaye…which leaves the guys speechless. 

In GAME TIME this week, Nathan finally wins!!! …or does he? You gotta listen to find out, as Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Complete the Super Famous Famous Quote!

In the news this week: Grab Taxi Grabs Attention…with Boobs! Matt Damon – More Like Matt Demon according to some LGBT people!! Surgically Assisted Bulimia!!!

Favorite Thing this week is favorite exercise!! Ewww…But #GoodHangGoodHealth though!!

So grab an 8ball of coke, plug in your headphones, and have a listen to Episode 20 of Good Hang!!!

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