#17 – Suck My Clock

Hold onto your butts, it’s episode 17 of Good Hang!!

Jon has been watching and learning about a bunch of super smart, super dead white dudes. Meanwhile, Nathan’s been putting words in his own mouth and making out with himself. What the hell does all this mean? Find out in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?

They also do a short review of the film Sicario [seriously, just go watch it]

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys discuss an article sent in by a listener about being addicted to podcasts…and how that’s a good thing. Then they get to talking about the worst and weirdest food they’ve ever had. 

Nathan continues his quest for the golden trophy with this week’s GAME TIME! Can he finally get the better of Jon with a round of Bigger or Smaller™!?! 

In the news this week: A Clock is a Clock and Sarah Palin is the Queen of England! A Preteen Gets Expelled for Bringing in a Leaf that Vaguely, Kinda, Sorta, If-you-squint-a-bit-and-tilt-your-head Looks like a Marijuana Leaf!! More Proof That Nathan is Wrong About Game of Thrones!!! [longest headlines ever]

Favorite thing this week: Sandwiches! Num num num num num

So get out of the haze and get into this podcast. It’s time for Good Hang Episode 17!!!


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