#16 – The Doctors Are In

It is now ok to admit that this podcast turns you on, because Good Hang is 16!! It’s legal!!!

Jon and Nathan got together for some good hearted, old time-y fun this week. They went bowling and then they checked out the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention! They talk about all about it, especially about how Nathan sucks at bowling, in this week’s What Chu Been Up To

Then it’s time for a jam packed We Read Yo’ Shit this this week. Good Hang Gang member San, has the guys take the Meyers Briggs Personality test. The results will shock you! [not really] Then the guys try to help out a listener with some tough questions that we all have to face in this crazy thing called Life. Thinkin’ of you Brenda Funbagz.  <3

In Game Time, Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Horse, Obscure Superhero, or Just Made Up! Can Jon continue his winning streak, or is it finally Nathan’s time to shine? Tune in to find out!!

In the news this week: Three-time Divorcee/Adulterer Defends the Sanctity of Marriage! Black Athlete Gets Tackled…by the Police!! Apple Steals Millions of Dollars…by Making Stuff that People Can’t NOT Buy!!!

In honour of the STGCC, the Favorite Thing this week is favorite acronym!!! …not really, it’s favorite superhero. 

All that and more so grab a giant beanbag, chill, and listen to Good Hang Episode Sixteen!!!


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