#14 – Yes We Kanye!

So long sweet tween innocence, Good Hang is now undoubtedly a loud, resentful teenager with Good Hang episode 14!!!

As usual, the guys Read Yo’ Shit first. This time they’ve got two iTunes reviews, one short & sweet, the other less short but extra, super sweet. JL from last weeks segment is back asking for more advice and the guys are more than happy to oblige. 

Jon and Nathan review the new Pixar film Inside Out. Does the animation giant have a new masterpiece on their hands or have they actually come out with their first bad movie??? [probably the former]

Nathan challenges Jon to a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game based on the cast of Inside Out. Can Jon hold on to the Good Hang trophy for a third week, or has Nathan finally bested him? Find out in this week’s GAME TIME!!

in news this week: Burger King – “Can’t we all get along”, McDonalds – “Fuck you”! Americans continue to shoot each other!! First Lady Kim Kardashian??!!!

Nathan’s been performing some live music in Jakarta, while Jon’s been watching some live music in Singapore in an extra musical version of What Chu Been Up To?

The musical love continues in Favorite Thing this week, as the guys discuss their favorite concert going experience.

So if you’ve got a free fortnight coming up you’ve now got just enough episodes of Good Hang to keep you company. Here comes Good Hang Episode Fourteen!!! […no one says ‘fortnight’]