#7 – Kick Nathan’s Ass Today!

What’s in the box? What’s in the box?! WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!? …why, it’s episode Se7en of Good Hang of course!!

In We Read Yo’ Shit, Jon and Nathan tells one of their fans what to put in his mouth when comes to Singapore. Then they do a couple rounds of Would You Rather? …wackiness ensues. 

Jon’s getting ready to fly to the land of Gay Legal Marriage! He talks about his upcoming trip New York and Alaska (Yeah…THAT Alaska). Nathan’s wants someone to beat him up…or at least TRY – MUAHAHAHA!! (spoiler alert: you will probably succeed in kicking his ass) 

In the news this week: Cell phone douchebaggery is sweeping the Theatre World! Nerds are making a pilgrimage to a Whale’s Vagina!! STAR WARS IS A-COMING BACK!!! 

Wanna cure a worldwide pandemic? Or put up buildings? Maybe you wanna be a railroad baron, a settler on a new island, or even a survivor in zombie apocalypse? Well the guys tell you how you can do those things as they discuss their Favorite Board games!

In Check this Shit Out, Nathan loved remembering the Titans! Jon wished he was on drugs for Rick & Morty. Next week, Nathan makes Jon check out another adult oriented cartoon, while Jon makes Nathan check out another sports based show!

All that and more on Good Hang Episode VII: The White Walking Iron Texas Ranger Man Awakens