#6 – Swipe Right, Dog

Your wait is over Hang Fans, here comes the sixth episode of Good Hang!!

Jon’s reading comics full time again, including the excellent Ultimate Spider-man and Ms Marvel, which leads to an interesting discussion about the state of race, religion, and sexuality in modern storytelling. Nathan’s sick of losing headphones, so he bought a bunch of ’em from China. 

In the news this week: How to get your dog laid regularly! Amos Yee eats a banana!! A little thimble comes to the big screen!!! Featuring an appearance from the amazing Inch Chua.

The guys read more of your fan responses. Jon suggests everyone check out the amazing novel, Ready Player One. Despite Nathan’s constant complaining about how much he hates the accent game, he insists on reading your emails and comments in strange accents. And then Inch has a go at the accent game!

It’s time for more toilet talk, as Jon and Nathan discuss what their Favorite Thing to in the bathroom is! …surprisingly, this one doesn’t get TOO weird. (Spoiler: Arson is involved) 

In Check this Shit Out, Jon had a rollicking good time with Yo Mama* and the Goat Rodeo Sessions. Nathan finally had time to check out Legally Blonde AND the Martian. Next week, Nathan has Jon take jump in Adult Swim, while Jon has Nathan watch Denzel Washington and organised sports take on Racism. 

All that and more on Good Hang episode six!!

*or Yo-Yo Ma. Whatever.