#8 – Bacon Kale & Fire Sharks. Oh My!

Yay we can breathe again, it’s Episode Eight of Good Hang!!

The guys Read Yo’ Shit once again this week. Nathan’s reads an iTunes review from a listener in Australia and Jon reads one from Singapore…with absolutely perfect accents (really…it’s astonishing). They also read an interesting text message from a friend/fan explaining the tradition of colored belts in martial arts – Nathan makes a poop joke. Then Nathan saves Jon from making a grave mistake 

In What Chu Been Up To, the guys talk about how they got together and played board games, which leads to more bitching about technology <eye roll>. They also give a spoilerfree and spoilerfull review of Marvel’s Ant-man. 

In the news this week: Bacon and Kale Have a Bastard Love Child! Lava Sharks!! STOP — Emmys Time!!!

It’s time to take a walk down Nostalgia Lane, as Jon and Nathan talk about their Favorite 90’s Cartoons. 

The guys then talk about two of the dirtiest, sexiest shows in recent history: Archer and 7 Days in Hell. On next week’s Check this Shit out: Lord Farquaad and Doctor Octopus get it on. 

All that and more so pull up a chair, grab some bacon seaweed, and have a listen to Good Hang Episode 8!!!!!