#91 – Generosity of Breast Milk

Whoa did your life just get better?! Sure did, cause here’s a new episode of Good Hang!

In What Chu Been Up To?! Jon and Nathan give their reviews on the 2017 summer movie season. All in all, it’s been a good summer!

Then, the good hang guys give more unqualified advice in We Read Yo’ Shit!, this time to a listener named Dr. Basemonkey. All the best doc!

In the News: Peanut Butter Prison Escape! (say five times fast)** Breast Milk and Blood for a Good Cause!! Celebrity Chef Does Super Sweet Thing for Comedian and his Sick Wife!!!

All that and more, so get off that online game or offline board game and get into Good Hang Episode Ninety-one!!!

**It’s actually not that hard


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