#86 – Counting is Hard

Here’s a second episode 86!!!

Jon’s has thrice been at the ballet (hey!) while Nathan’s been travelling to the Great Wall of China, find out all about it in this weeks What Chu Been Up To?!  The Good Hang Guys also give you several reasons why you should watch 13 Reasons Why

Lots of good stuff in this week’s We Read Yo Shit! Nathan and Jon talk about: the state of education in Singapore, sex before marriage, how to move on from losing a pet, and their favorite zombie media  [damnit, I did say “comic book” -Jon]

In lieu of Game Time! this week, Nathan wants you all to watch the YouTube video that makes him the most happy. Hint: it involves a cute little character and big black balls

In the News this week: United Airlines Murders Oversized Bunny! Good News For Fat Nerdy Kids Who Suck at Sports!! Found Out About The Terminator that Gives Blow Jobs!!! Singapore Witch Hunt Leads to Nothing Good!!!! Trump be Trumping’!!!!!

So stop shooting your little sister with your Nerf gun and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Eighty-Six!! Or is it Eighty-five? …or eighty-seven??


– Biisuke!!!

– So long Simon the Rabbit

– ESports at 2022 Asian Games

– Sexy Sex Droid

– Singapore Internet mob fail


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