#84 – Legiterally Ep. 84

Where have you been all my life, Good Hang Episode Eight-four?!?!

Jon’s been catching up with an old tv friend while Nathan’s been puttin’ some shrimp on the barbie! Find out all about it in this weeks What Chu Been Up To?!

In the We Read Yo’ Shit, the Good Hang Guys read a bunch of great questions and comments. They also open up the greatest present they’ve ever received from a fan! Check out the photos on the Good Hang Instagram.

Speech Jam is the name of the game in Game Time! this week as Jon and Nathan try to speak and sing while being jammed up by an evil machine.

In the News this week: Ghanian Footballer Thanks His Wife AND His Girlfriend! Elon Musk Wants to Put Machines in Our Brains!! Seven-year-olds Malaysian Students Are Being Taught That All Steves are Christian!!! Trump be Trumppin’!!!!

So put down that bubble tea because it’s super bad for you and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Eight-four!!!!


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