#75 – Sick and Sick of Nathan’s Face

Jon’s been ill and Nathan’s been overexposed. Find out all about it on What Chu Been Up To!

In We Read Yo Shit, the Good Hang Guys catch up on some emails, talk about what it’s like to live your life in public, and consider a special request. 

In the News this week: Nothing You Read is True! Uber’s Taking Us to a Galaxy Far, Far Away!! The UK’s Making the Internet Super Uncool!!! Trump Continues to Be Trump!!!! Ain’t No Party Like a Mexican Party, Cause a Mexican Party’s Got 1.2 Million People!!!!!

All that and more, so get off your Phone Camera™ and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy-five!!!


– Uber Wars

– The UK wants to know about your internet porn habit

– The UK wants to know about your internet everything

– Pope Francis likens fake news to sexy poop

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