#72 – Thanksgiving Goodness

Hope you’re ready for some podcast with that pumpkin pie. Good Hang Episode Seventy-two is here!

Jon’s, another year older and another year wisdomier, has been reading some excellent comic books once again and Nathan’s been gigging it up in Singapore. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

It’s a very special Thanksgiving-y  DOUBLE GAME TIME as Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Rotten Tomatoes Game: Thanksgiving Edition. Then Nathan Challanges Jon to a Thanksgiving Trivia Game.

In the News this week: Rich Billionaire Leaves a Fortune to His Home Town!* NASA Broke Physics!! Man Without Arms Has No Fingerprints!!! Make Christmas Great Again for $199!!!!

All that and more so stop eating your Thanksgiving leftovers (seriously, it’s almost a week old) and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy-Two!!!!

*Note: this story is fake as hell. More on that in a future episode.