#70 – Mansweat & Mortality

This week Good Hang is 70!!!!

Jon’s been watching old men sweat profusely while trying to beat each other and Nathan’s been watching young men (and some ladies) sweat profusely while trying to beat each other. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

It’s all about crazy, old, white men in this week’s GAME TIME!, as Nathan challenges Jon to a round of Who Said This Crazy Thing: Trump, Hitler, or Gary Busey?

In the News this week: Taiwan Wants Two Women To Tie The Knot! Kiwi Earthquake is Not Enough to Stop This Dedicated Gamer!! Give Me a Break, Give Me a Break, Break Into That Car to Steal a Kit Kat Bar!!! Selfie Taking Leads to Destruction of Art: Metaphor or Actual Thing?!!! After Making Over 200 Films, Jackie Chan Finally Gets An Oscar – Further Perpetuating the Stereotype That Asians Work Hard!!!!!

All that and more, so get yourself out of your Trump hole of darkness & depression and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy!!!


– Randy Couture chokes out a (willing) lady

– Taiwan gears up for same sex marriage

– Hershey fills up man’s car with Kit Kats

– Selfie taker breaks 18th century sculpture

– Gamer keeps playing through NZ Earthquake

– Jackie Chan: Every Frame a Painting, Oscar acceptance speech, crazy photo with Arnold