#9 – Chocolate Dick Lover

Say goodbye to the single digit episodes, cause here comes Good Hang Episode 9!!

The guys Read Yo’ Shit from all over the internet: goodhangpodcast.com, Facebook, and their brand new Twitter account – so keep those comments coming! Their Facebook page reached a bit of a milestone this week, so Nathan comes up with a little song to say thanks…Jon “helps” with that. 

Jon’s met up with the amazing Bradley Tan from Oracle Tattoo, to discuss and design the back piece that he’ll be getting soon…assuming he doesn’t pussy out! [uncalled for… -Jon] He opens up about his reasons for getting it, including the depression he’s been living with for a decade. Nathan’s gotten another year older and his love for chocolate dicks is as strong as ever. A special fan gets a special treat, as Nathan busts out his guitar again…fortunately, Jon decides not to “help” with that – mostly. It’s a full on and fun What Chu Been Up To?

In the News this week: Bad Blood Flows Freely in the gutters of Twitter! A Whole New World, A Dazzling Place I Never Knew!! A Lady May or May Not Be Dead in a Photo!!!

We gain some insight into why the guys were so fat as kids when they discuss their favorite chips on this week’s Favorite Thing.

The guys talk about a movie that is not so much about how hard it is to be gay, but more about how hard it is to have more than three people in a New York apartment, as they review the film Love is Strange. On next week’s Check This Shit Out: Islamic Culture is rarely black and white…unless you’re watching an animated film about it made in black and white.

All that and more, so say “ja!” not “nein!” to Episode Nine of Good Hang!!!!!


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