#89 – He’s Just Not My Stereotype

Good Hang! Good Hang! It’s Good Hang time – excellent!!

Nathan’s been reflecting on his life in China while Jon’s been living it up in Australia. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

Lots of good stuff from Twitter this week on We Read Yo Shit – including a guide for the perfect first date!

In celebration of the release of Wonder Woman, the guys have a look at the wonderful and not-so-wonderful women driven films in Rotten Tomatoes Game: Wonderful Women edition. GAME TIME!!!

In the news this week the Good Hang Guys take a look at response to the Manchester terror attack and the accusations of racism in the Singapore casting scene.

So hug your loved ones, look for the helpers, and have a listen to Good Hang episode Eighty-Nine!!!



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