#68 – Adeline Pang

Actress, artist, and writer Adeline Pang is in the Good Hang Studios this week to class up the joint.

She’s come around to promote her new illustrated novel And It Rained, a surreal look into life, adventure, and love. 

She and the guys talk about that, how she came to be an artist, and the reason she needs a nickname.

They also have some Game Time with a round of Name That Movie: And It Rained edition!

In a very special We Read Yo’ Shit (that’s a weird start to a sentence), the three of them give some advice to a lovely girl, going through one of the hardest parts of life…being young and in love. Take care, Sam. 

All that and more, so hurry up and vote so you can have a listen to Good Hang Episode Sixty-Eight!!


– And It Rained Kickstarter

– Milo Manara’s sexy drawings (NSFW)

– Alan Moore’s SUPER sexy drawings (NSFW)

– Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon covering I Can’t Make You Love Me. Aka, the world’s greatest broken heart song.

– Between the Bars by Elliot Smith