#61 – Cereal Podcast (Better Than Serial)

Editor’s Note: Nathan here. Apologies for the very late episode. Things in China have been pretty insane, with long shoot days, bad internet, and general fatigue. Getting these episodes out has been harder than usual. Nonetheless, thank you guys deeply for always coming back to us week after week. Hope you enjoy this one – 

China can’t keep the boys apart for two weeks in a row!!

Jon’s been binging some Netflix gold, while Nathan’s been watching a little known show about the adventures of a plucky dwarf and his bald friend. Find out all about on this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

The guys have lots to catch up on and lots of advice to give out in We Read Yo Shit.

Get hyped folks cause the English Premier League season is upon us! In celebration of that, Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Rotten Tomatoes Game: Soccer/Football Edition!!*

In the News this week: Swedishpokemonlasersexpigs! Can’t Stop the Schooling!! A Wild Turtle Appears…in a Sandwich!!!

All that and more, so quit getting distracted by the sex pigs and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Sixty-one!!