#55 – Brexit Stage Left

After a short break, Good Hang is back and better than ever with Episode Fifty-Five!

It’s been a busy week for the guys, as they’ve both been either shooting a music video for Nathan’s new song or dominating n00bs in Overwatch. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

In honor of the formerly upcoming movie Finding Dory, the guys play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game; Animated Sequels Edition in GAME TIME!

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys share some heartfelt responses to the Orlando episode

In the News this week: The UK says FU to the EU! Chinese Women Are Packing Protection on the Subway!! Local Lady Donates $200,000 to Scammers!

All that and more, so put take a break from cursing out strangers on Overwatch and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Fifty-Five!!!