#50 – Thank You

Milestone time! Join the Goodhang duo, back in the same country after nearly a month away, for EP-EP-EP-EPISODE F-F-F-F-FIFTY!!!!!! [pew pew firework firework!]

Jon’s been living it up in NYC and Nathan’s been hating him for it, as he’s had to stay in Singapore and work his ass off on gigs and his EP. Find out all about in in What Chu Been Up To?!

In an extra long, magnificent edition of We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys take questions from you fans about the making of Good Hang up to this point. Then, they take questions from the the former guests of the show asking them questions and making requests.

Thank you so much for joining us on this humble little podcast. So sit back, have a listen to Episode Fifty, and make a toast to fifty more!!!