#46 – Tie the Noodly Knot

Never fear Good Hang is here!!

Jon’s been watching ALL the shows while Nathan’s been recording ALL the songs. The guys also watched two movies: 10 Cloverfield Lane and Hardcore Henry. One was awesome and the other one was Hardcore Henry. Find out all about it in What Chu Been Up To?!

In GAME TIME! Nathan tries to Jon to say a word by saying other words in a round of the Kevin Bacon Game-ish Thing

The results are in and Jon is confused as the guys discuss the JonNathanVSToast poll on Twitter in We Read Yo’ Shit

In the News this week: Bruce Springsteen is Standing With his Fellow Man that Used to Be His Fellow Woman! The First Wedding Has Been Carried Out Before the Meatball Eyes of The Flying Spaghetti Monster!!

So clear out your room, grab some chairman Mao pillows and have a listen to Good Hang episode Forty-six!!