#43 – Joakim Gomez

Radio DJ! Host! All around nice guy!

Joakim Gomez joins us for an inspiring episode. He talks about his journey leading up from joining Singapore Idol, to becoming a radio DJ, and hosting Singapore’s National Day Parade. 

He opens up about overcoming expectations, and how having a good attitude can make all the difference.

In this week’s GAME TIME, its Jon vs Joakim in the Rotten Tomatoes game! But there’s a catch! Get a question right, get a strawberry. Get a question wrong? Eat a bittergourd. (And yes, they are just as rotten as they sound)

Finally, we get to your questions for Joakim in WRYS.

Have a good hang. And eat your vegetables. Except bittergourd. Someone need’s to burn down whichever farm is growing that nonsense.