#37 – Jeremiah Isaac

Episode Thirty-seven!! …Jeremiah Isaac?? What’s a Jeremiah Isaac?!? Listen in to find out!!

Performer, musician, and all around awesome guy Jeremiah is in the studio this week for Black History Month. He shares his experiences about living life overseas as a black man (we’re allowed to used the term ‘black’ to describe him – we checked). 

In Game Time! it’s musician vs musician as Jon pits Nathan against Jeremiah in a round of Song Synonyms: Funk, R&B, and Rap edition!

In the News this week: Epic Plot Twist in 2016 US Election! Confirmation that Albert Einstein Was Super Smart!! Pornhub is all About Sperm…Whales!!!

In We Read Yo’ Shit, the guys give shoutouts to listeners old and new. And take a random question from a listener for Jeremiah and the guys to answer. 

Favorite Thing this week is favorite musical instrument. 

So grab your purple drink, put in your headphones, and listen to Good Hang Episode Thirty-Seven. And don’t forget to check out Jeremiah’s gig with the Fungki Munkees on the 26th!!