#36 – Go See a Fat Guy (恭喜发财)

There’s no better way to kick off the Chinese New Year than a new episode of Good Hang! 

Nathan’s been eating and visiting cousins, new and old, this week. Meanwhile Jon, the non-Chinese half of the duo, has been worshiping at the sacred alter of Elon Musk. Find out all about it in this weeks What Chu Been Up To.

In GAME TIME! Jon test Nathan’s knowledge of Chinese New Year traditions in a round of Jon’s Original Riddles: CNY Edition.

In the News this week: Kurt Russell Takes His Hate Out on a Priceless Guitar! A Terrorist on a Plane Fails in Spectacular Fashion!! Science Makes Meat – All Hail Science!!! Stop Reacting to This Writeup or The Fine Bros Will Get You!!!! A Man Throws a Gator Through a Drive-Through Window – Just Another Day in Florida!!!!!

In a special mashup of We Read Yo’ Shit and Favorite Thing, the guys discuss what their favorite PS4 Game of all time is. Because video games are art too, ok?!

So grab an Orange or five, plug in your headphones, and open up the audio hangbao that is Good Hang Episode Thirty-Six!!!