#32 – Ashes to Ashes, Ziggy Stardust to Dust

It’s 2016…Welcome to the year of Good Hang!!

After a week off, the guys catch up and talk about how they spent their New Years, as well their thoughts on resolutions and making plans for the year. They also briefly tease their appearance on Dwayne’s Spin Stop. Find out all about that in this week’s What Chu Been Up To.

In a very deep and heartfelt edition of We Read Yo Shit, the guys give advice to a listener (fake)named Raquelle who’s facing difficulty telling the people around him/her about his/her depression…there’s probably a dick joke or two thrown in there to keep it from getting TOO deep. 

In GAME TIME, Nathan checks in on Jon’s knowledge about movies very few people have seen and even less people care about. It’s Rotten Tomatoes: New Years Edition!

In the News this Week: Netflix Has Gone Global and There are No More ‘Netflix & Chill’ Jokes! Oscar-lite aka the Golden Globes!! The World Says “Thanks for the crazy music”, David Bowie!!! Awesome Stuff That You Can’t Afford!!!!

Favorite Thing this week is favorite piece of technology growing up. 

So take a step towards reaching your New Years Resolution of “being more awesome”, and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Thirty-Two!!!