#25 – The Internet’s the Worst (Paris, Rousey & Starbucks)

Jon is terribly sick and Nathan is dead tired…it must be time for another episode of Good Hang!

The guys have pretty good reasons to be sick and tired respectively though. Jon has recently returned from Shanghai: the land of dumplings and air pollution, while Nathan got his 300 on by doing the Reebok Spartan run. After torturing their bodies, the dorky duo treated themselves by checking out some upcoming gaming equipment and video games at GameStart Asia. Find out all about it on this week’s What Chu Been Up To.

In GAME TIME this week, Jon challenges Nathan to a game of Bigger Number: Starbucks Edition. For they may take away our Christmas-y decorated cups but they will never take away our coffee addiction!

In the News this week: People are Pissed at People for Being Pissed About Things The Other People Are Pissed About!! …really though, Jon get into a pretty heavy discussion about the sad events of Beirut and Paris this week, but particularly the different viewpoints being expressed all over social media. 

Favorite thing this week is Favorite Starbucks drink! Extra points up for grabs if your drink of choice is more frou-frou than Jons.

So take a well deserved break from deciding if you should pray for the whole world, or just Paris, or just the terrorists…and share a chuckle or two with Good Hang Episode Twenty-five. 


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