#23 – Snapchode, Religion, and Evil Bacon

Editors Note: First off, sorry guys, we messed up. This is episode 23, and NOT episode 24, as you will hear us repeatedly (and very stupidly) say throughout the episode. We recorded an episode in between 22 and 23, so we got a bit confused. 

The guys start off with some horsin’ around. Followed by a catch up with Jon and his dilemma with spoilers. As well as Nathan’s Halloween happenings, playing beer pong and getting buzzed. 

In We Read Your Shit, they discuss some of last week’s creepy pastas, read a questionable-yet-hilarious review, and discuss the controversies of Straight Out Of Compton.

In Game Time, the guys play a round of Greater Than Less Than.

This week in the news, Snapchat has updated it’s user terms! Meat is murder (for humans?!?!)!!! And the guys further their discussion about the City Harvest controversy, talking about the ethics of religion and the dilemma of faith. 

Favorite Thing this week, CANDY BARS! 

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