#21 – Dueling Auhnulds

It’s time to have some fun with Episode Twenty-one! 

Jon’s been cooking up a big whole hunk of smoked cow…with science!! Then he and Nathan went and checked out the origins of gangsta rap in the form of the amazing film, Straight Outta Compton (WEST SIDE!!!). Find out all about that in this week’s What Chu’ Been Up To?!

In We Read Yo’ Shit, we find out all the different and funny excuses the Good Hang Gang uses to not exercise. Then the guys read a Facebook message full of praise and a question about Nathan’s headphones.

A special Halloween version of GAME TIME this week! Can Nathan finally stump Jon with Movie Synopsis Game: Horror Movie Edition.,,the result may surprise you. (Or not)

In the news this week: J.Law Says Penises Make More Money Than Vaginas! Homeland Production Gets Punked!! Proof That Justin Bieber is NOT a Little Girl…Though Many Remain Skeptical!!!

Favorite Thing this week: favorite member of the Expendables franchise!! Don’t forget to tweet your favorite thing with the hashtag: #GoodHangFavThing

So plug in your headphones, go for a skip, and enjoy Good Hang Episode Twenty-one, son!!!



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