#75 – Sick and Sick of Nathan’s Face

Jon’s been ill and Nathan’s been overexposed. Find out all about it on What Chu Been Up To!

In We Read Yo Shit, the Good Hang Guys catch up on some emails, talk about what it’s like to live your life in public, and consider a special request. 

In the News this week: Nothing You Read is True! Uber’s Taking Us to a Galaxy Far, Far Away!! The UK’s Making the Internet Super Uncool!!! Trump Continues to Be Trump!!!! Ain’t No Party Like a Mexican Party, Cause a Mexican Party’s Got 1.2 Million People!!!!!

All that and more, so get off your Phone Camera™ and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy-five!!!


– Uber Wars

– The UK wants to know about your internet porn habit

– The UK wants to know about your internet everything

– Pope Francis likens fake news to sexy poop

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#74 – Youtiao666

Michelle and Charlotte, aka the ladies of Youtiao666, are in the studio this for Goodhang’s first ever two-guest episode!

The girls chat about how they got started, what goes into making their videos, and their desire for the sweet release of death. 

Then in GAME TIME, it’s Youtiao against Goodhang in a match of Say Anything, where the loser has to have make up put on them by the winning team. You’ll never believe how this game turns out!

All that and more, so put a hold on your dubsmash and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy-four!!!

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#72 – Thanksgiving Goodness

Hope you’re ready for some podcast with that pumpkin pie. Good Hang Episode Seventy-two is here!

Jon’s, another year older and another year wisdomier, has been reading some excellent comic books once again and Nathan’s been gigging it up in Singapore. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

It’s a very special Thanksgiving-y  DOUBLE GAME TIME as Jon challenges Nathan to a round of Rotten Tomatoes Game: Thanksgiving Edition. Then Nathan Challanges Jon to a Thanksgiving Trivia Game.

In the News this week: Rich Billionaire Leaves a Fortune to His Home Town!* NASA Broke Physics!! Man Without Arms Has No Fingerprints!!! Make Christmas Great Again for $199!!!!

All that and more so stop eating your Thanksgiving leftovers (seriously, it’s almost a week old) and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy-Two!!!!

*Note: this story is fake as hell. More on that in a future episode.  


#70 – Mansweat & Mortality

This week Good Hang is 70!!!!

Jon’s been watching old men sweat profusely while trying to beat each other and Nathan’s been watching young men (and some ladies) sweat profusely while trying to beat each other. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?!

It’s all about crazy, old, white men in this week’s GAME TIME!, as Nathan challenges Jon to a round of Who Said This Crazy Thing: Trump, Hitler, or Gary Busey?

In the News this week: Taiwan Wants Two Women To Tie The Knot! Kiwi Earthquake is Not Enough to Stop This Dedicated Gamer!! Give Me a Break, Give Me a Break, Break Into That Car to Steal a Kit Kat Bar!!! Selfie Taking Leads to Destruction of Art: Metaphor or Actual Thing?!!! After Making Over 200 Films, Jackie Chan Finally Gets An Oscar – Further Perpetuating the Stereotype That Asians Work Hard!!!!!

All that and more, so get yourself out of your Trump hole of darkness & depression and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Seventy!!!


– Randy Couture chokes out a (willing) lady

– Taiwan gears up for same sex marriage

– Hershey fills up man’s car with Kit Kats

– Selfie taker breaks 18th century sculpture

– Gamer keeps playing through NZ Earthquake

– Jackie Chan: Every Frame a Painting, Oscar acceptance speech, crazy photo with Arnold

#69 – Teehee…69

This is it folks. Prepare your double entendres, for the episode we’ve all been waiting for…but then President Trump happened.

In the first ever second weekly episode, Jon and Nathan record a remotely on the evening after the Donald J Trump was elected President of The United States of America. They talk about how they’re feeling, what they think might happen, and beauty of 69-ing.

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– Crash Course electoral college

– John Oliver on why Election Day is on Tuesday

– Stephen Colbert’s rousing speech

– Science Experiment yelling at plants

– Wait But Why on what happens now


#68 – Adeline Pang

Actress, artist, and writer Adeline Pang is in the Good Hang Studios this week to class up the joint.

She’s come around to promote her new illustrated novel And It Rained, a surreal look into life, adventure, and love. 

She and the guys talk about that, how she came to be an artist, and the reason she needs a nickname.

They also have some Game Time with a round of Name That Movie: And It Rained edition!

In a very special We Read Yo’ Shit (that’s a weird start to a sentence), the three of them give some advice to a lovely girl, going through one of the hardest parts of life…being young and in love. Take care, Sam. 

All that and more, so hurry up and vote so you can have a listen to Good Hang Episode Sixty-Eight!!


– And It Rained Kickstarter

– Milo Manara’s sexy drawings (NSFW)

– Alan Moore’s SUPER sexy drawings (NSFW)

– Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon covering I Can’t Make You Love Me. Aka, the world’s greatest broken heart song.

– Between the Bars by Elliot Smith


#67 – Tattoo Talk & Puppy Love

After back to back episodes with guests, the Good Hang duo is back to bringing you that good stuff.

Jon’s been going back to school and getting tattooed again, while Nathan gives his thoughts on life after coming back from China. Find out all about it in this week’s What Chu Been Up To?

it’s a jam packed We Read Yo Shit segment this week as the guys read comments and answer questions about the difference between US and Singaporean Colleges, Nathan’s musical plans, and songs that are linked to memories.

Time for you to play along in Game Time as Nathan challenges Jon to a round of Rotten Tomatoes Game: Foreigners Taking American Jobs edition!  

In the News this week: Scientists Create Killer Mosquitos! The Whole World Heads to Standing Rock!! Local TV Show Loses Face With Black Face!!! Harry Potter is Getting Philatelic!!!! 

All that and more, so get on the first plane back from North Dakota, plug in your headphones and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Sixty-seven!!


Nathan’s new favorite Unagi restaurant

Jon’s favorite sappy love song

– Christian Bale going ballistic on set

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#66 – Stefanos Rassios

Come get your kicks with Good Hang Number 66!

In the studio this week is performer, teacher, director, and all around genius Stefanos Rassios. He and they guys talk about a whole bunch of stuff including: their first ever performances on stage, the theatre scene in Singapore, and how all three of them had their first kisses on stage [how sad]. Then they play a round of the fan favorite game: Shakespeare, Hip Hop, or Batman?!

All that and more, so put on those earphones, grab a jar of Marmite, and have a listen to Good Hang Episode Sixty-six!!!