#53 - Carla Dunareanu

This week, the guys welcome actress, host, and model Carla Dona-, Duner-…Miss Doonari… CARLA D into the studio!!

The guys have a lovely discussion with Carla about where she’s gone, where’s she’s going, and where she’s going in the world. Be sure to check out her show Rojak, wednesday nights at 9:30 on Ch. 5!

in GAME TIME! Nathan takes on Carla, as Jon hosts a round of Where Are We: MissAdventures edition.

In the News this week: Obama and Trump Weigh in on the Passing of The Greatest! Ireland Enacts the Greatest Law of All Time!! World’s Greatest Art Pieces Put in Danger by Flooding!!!

Finally, Carla and the boys show off their learneditude in new segment Words o’ Wisdom.

So return your seat and tray table back to their original positions because it’s time to take a trip with Good Hang Episode Fifty-three!!!!!





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